At Creative Adjusting, we recognize that we are an extension of our clients. It is paramount we learn our client’s philosophies and points of view, so we may apply the appropriate coverage and policy guidelines.

We understand when policyholders call us, they have endured a major life altering event. It is our job to provide them an empathetic ear and effortless experience, so they can start rebuilding.

Field and Desk Adjusters

We thrive at the desk. Our team incorporates vetted and experienced field and desk adjusters. Many, if not all, of our desk adjusters have had previous experience in the field and are able to handle claims from the first notice of loss to the final payment.

This knowledge and field experience allows our desk adjusters to not only comprehend reports from the field, but also provide accurate direction for any necessary corrections as well as make the necessary corrections. We have expert knowledge of policy, interpreting policy, and applying coverage based on carrier’s business practices.

Training and CE Courses

Every adjuster has access to CE courses and training courses to help not only further their education, but to provide further expertise to you. Our Creative Standard is based off this mentality. Through education, compassion, autonomy, and adaptability, our adjusters can offer exemplary services that anticipates your needs.

Review Process

Our expert file examiners have focused, well-trained eyes to oversee all aspects of your claims. They encompass our mission to be as dependable, attentive, efficient, and experienced as humanly and technologically possible. The examiners understand that your claim needs to be handled with an accurate urgency to get what you need accomplished, done.

Quality Assurance

Similar to the review process, our file examiners dedicate themselves to ensure the quality of the reviewed claims are at the utmost standard. At Creative Adjusting, we pride ourselves in our team and their ability to provide beyond satisfactory work.

Call Center

Our team of licensed adjustors are available at our easy to contact call center where they’re available to support you. They have the knowledge and expertise to help provide you with the relevant information you seek. Call 888-248-0007 to speak with one of our specialists.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our in-house legal team is available to represent any legal matter to arise. We pride ourselves by not only providing expert Creative Solutions, but also being able to fight for you in a legal capacity.